Student Staff

Q Medina, Social Media and Outreach Specialist

Social Media Coordinator Profile Photo

Major: Communication Studies

Interests: Reading, hiking, social media marketing

Intro: Being a communication major I am constantly interested and working toward clear understandings of those I interact with. A quote that has stuck with me since high school is “Be the best for the world, not in the world” and I am excited to be a part of the SJEIC so that I can apply such a mindset to the community here at Humboldt State.

Spencer Schoening - Queer Community Building Coordinator

Spencer Schoening Photo

Major: Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Interests: Video games, Dungeons and Dragons, Art, Writing, and Listening to podcasts!

Intro: I’m Spencer, and I’m so excited to be working with the SJEIC! I hope to continue to build a positive environment for the LGBT+ students here at HSU, and to learn and grow from members of my community and the HSU community at large. :-)


Monica Chilel, SJEIC Event Coordinator

Monica Chilel, SJEIC Event Coordinator Photo


Major: Biological Anthropology

Interest:Reading, exploring new places, and learning new things

Intro: As an anthropologist I hope to better understand all communities I come into contact with. Through the SJEIC I hope to help everyone who needs support with all the resources available through campus or otherwise as we go through current events.