Social Justice Summit

29th Annual Social Justice Summit

Spring 2023, March 1st - March 3rd 


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29th Annual Social Justice Summit 
Surviving and Thriving
The Social Justice Summit is an educational and safe space that allows us to question and challenge the narratives instilled within us. Our purpose is to amplify BIPOC, queer, disabled, and other intersectional voices and experiences and to hold safe & compassionate spaces for dialogue.  
The theme for this year's event is Surviving & Thriving, a changed version of the phrase “thrive, not survive.” Marginalized students generally live in a state of survival where they simply exist without being able to flourish, creating and worsening mental health conditions. Thriving is growth, flourishing, and prospering- the standard of living that everyone should have. This year's theme will discuss these topics, how they can co-exist, provide opportunities for thriving, and more.
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