Cultural Times Archive

  • Spring 2002

    Topics Include: 
    The Asian Lunar New Year, What Black History Month Means to Me, MCC Events, Frida Kahlo Comes to Life on March 6, Dolores Huerta: A Lifetime Championing the Rights of Farmworkers and Social Justice, Peter Bratt and “Follow Me Home” Opens 8th Annual, Tim Miller’s “Glory Box”, Diversity Conference Workshops, My Journey From Ignorance to Understanding, Self Expressions
  • Spring 2001

    Topics Include: 
    Graduation, Humboldt Experience, A Note From the Editor, News, Life Experience, Asian History, Poetry, Diversity Conference 2001: Census or Nonsense?
  • Fall 2001

    Topics Include: 
    Editor’s Note, MultiCultural News, New Sorority, Muralist Winner, Week of Dialogue, International Literature, APASA Dinner, Understanding Racism, Afghanistan Women, Poetry, Trip to the Philippines, Suzanne Burcell,Diversity Conference, Don’t Be Alarmed
  • Spring 2000

    Topics Include: 
    El Salvador & India Benefit Concert, Asian Lunar New Year Celebration, Glbtsa Everyone Welcome, Foreign Does Not Equal Boring, Census 2000: Numbers Or Nonsense, Events, Getting Deep With Jaideep Singh, Student Life, Poetry, Afrological Horoscopes
  • Fall 2000

    Topics Include: 
    MultiCultural Staff Retreat, Week of Dialogue: After Hours, Diversity Conference of the Real Millennium, Census 2000, A World of Opportunities, Experience, Express