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Mission Statement:
To create a critical thinking space on campus for all students, but particularly those who are undocumented, DACAmented and AB 540. We strive to provide academic, cultural, social, political, economic and environmental supports to students and to improve the internal capacity at HSU to serve students who are from working class, first-generation, and from communities of color. Encourage and support student success, advocacy and power in their identity, community, and social and environmental systems.
Scholars Without Borders was founded by a partnership between the student organization Finding Resources and Empowerment through Education, FREE, and faculty members in April of 2017. The SWB center is a result of many years of student organizing and activism. We exist because of their dedication.
A club created by students' efforts to bring attention to and fill in the support net for AB540 students at HSU. FREE raised awareness with events such as "Undocuweek of Awareness," developed academic social, economic, legal, and cultural support efforts for students and community.

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Indigenous Knowledge: Community, Well-Being & Healing

Scholars Without Borders

Located on the 2nd floor of the MCC

(707) 826.3368

Carlos Alvarado Sanchez,

Student Mentor/Coordinator

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